Short Courses

University of Lincoln, UK

The University of Lincoln offers short courses across a range of subject areas and disciplines. Short courses can boost your career prospects, build on your hobbies and interests or introduce you to a whole new subject. Your course could provide a springboard to a whole new world. Here is a taste of what we offer:

  • Media Training and Management
  • Social Media for Small Business: Grow new Customers, Connect to New Markets
  • Show Reels and Short Film Making for Web Site Enhancement
  • How to Deal with the Media
  • Fashion Design – Millinery
  • Fashion – Pattern Cutting
  • Glass  & Ceramics for the Professional Designer Maker
  • An Introduction to Gilding
  • Managing Historical Refurbishments
  • Commissioning Architectural Paint Research
  • An Introduction to 3D Printing and 3D Colour Scanning Creative Writing

Short courses

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Dance4 are working in partnership with Lincoln Peforming Arts Centre to deliver the CAT (Centre for Advanced Training) satellite for Lincolnshire for young dancers aged 11-18 years. Students will attend a 1.5hr contemporary dance class every Monday 6.30-8pm for 3 terms of ten weeks.