Short Courses

University of Lincoln, UK

The University of Lincoln offers short courses across a range of subject areas and disciplines. Short courses can boost your career prospects, build on your passions and interests or introduce you to a whole new subject. Your course could provide a springboard to a whole new world.

With the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 the Short Course team have been working to create a brilliant programme of Virtual Short Courses - some of which can be seen below!

To be the first to hear about upcoming short courses, please visit the Contact Us section of our website. Courses we have run previously:

  • Media Training and Management
  • Social Media for Small Business: Grow new Customers, Connect to New Markets
  • Show Reels and Short Film Making for Web Site Enhancement
  • How to Deal with the Media
  • Managing Historical Refurbishments
  • An Introduction to 3D Printing and 3D Colour Scanning Creative Writing

Short courses

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This online course will be run over two Friday mornings in March 2021. This will enable you to practice some of the things learnt in Session one and prepare you for Session two.

This online course will strengthen journalistic and advocacy skills and the quality of your reporting on human rights for media organisations, with training from Thomson Reuters journalists.